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When patients come in wanting an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), they often point out that they have rolls to the back and flanks. A tummy tuck is a transformative surgery that removes excess fat and stretched skin, and can also repair and tighten the abdominal muscles to give a flatter contour. While this procedure addresses the front of the abdomen, it does not address the back of the body. By contouring the fat pockets to the back and backsides with 360 liposuction, this can provide the best contour and balance. 360 liposuction will add surgical time during your procedure, but there is only one recovery period necessary. In order to perform liposuction, there will be very small incisions that are hidden in the bra line and underwear line.

The liposuction technique used in our patients is SAFELipo, a technique described by Dr. Simeon Wall.

SAFELipo is a 3-step process that uses a gentler technique called power-assisted liposuction (PAL) that doesn’t use thermal (heat) energy. This loosens and emulsifies the targeted fat, which is then removed using a smaller cannula.  This technique includes:

Separation:  use of a Becker cannula without suction to separate targeted fat surrounding attachments in a way that leaves blood vessels and other important structures intact. This non-thermal technique does not have the risks associated with heat to separate and emulsify fat cells and globules, which

Aspiration: This refers to the removal of fat cells using suction—a process common to almost all liposuction procedures. Because the fat was carefully separated at step one, removal of fat can occur using smaller cannulas which leaves behind a thin, healthy fat layer with minimal swelling and bruising.

Fat Equalization: This technique is one of the key reasons SAFELipo is unlike any other body contouring procedure. The Becker cannula is used to even the layer of subcutaneous fat to create a blanket of localized fat grafts that prevent skin from attaching to the underlying muscle layer. This reduces the risk of contour irregularities—the primary complication associated with other liposuction techniques.

Abdominplasty with 360 SAFELipo has been a game-changer and I feel grateful to do this procedure on my patients. They are more confident, motivated to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and happy and comfortable with their bodies.