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Breast Procedures, Vancouver

Accessory Nipple Removal

Accessory Nipple Removal

A third nipple is a condition in which you have one or more extra nipples on your body. This is also called supernumerary nipples, in the case of multiple nipples.  This is in addition to the two typical nipples on the breasts. You may not even be able to recognize an extra nipple right away, as it usually is not as fully developed as a regular nipple.  Some appear simply as tiny bumps with no familiar features of a nipple, but others can look just like a regular nipple.  Third nipples most commonly happen on the “milk line”  which refers to the area on the front of your body that starts in your armpit and goes down through and past your nipples to your genital area. This is the easiest way to tell the difference between an extra nipple and a mole or birthmark. Moles and birthmarks also tend to be flat and not have any ridged or nipple-like bumps in them. Third nipples usually aren’t a health risk, and a quick surgery can remove them by a procedure called accessory nipple removal.

Accessory Nipple Removal Surgery Considerations

Patients usually don’t need to have extra nipples removed for health reasons. Supernumerary nipples don’t indicate any underlying conditions or cause any conditions themselves. But you may want to get them removed because you don’t like the way they look or for other cosmetic reasons.

What To Expect During Surgery and Recovery

This surgery is performed under a local anesthetic at Dr. Ho’s office. You will be able to go home after the procedure.  In general, patients have almost none to minimal pain and can return to work the next day. There will be dressing placed over the incision which will be taken off after 1-2 weeks. We recommend taking time off from exercise for 2 weeks. There will be a small scar that will fade and improve over time.