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Cyst Removal

Is Cyst Removal Necessary?

Cysts are relatively slow growing, but over time cysts can increase in size and can become very obvious, uncomfortable, spontaneously drain its contents, or become infected by a Cyst Removal procedure. Cysts to the scalp can cause the hair follicles to spread apart and think and can cause the hair texture to kink. While it is not necessary to have a Cyst Removal, many decide to have it removed because they are cosmetically bothersome or they have had recurrent foul-smelling drainage or infection that requires antibiotics.

What To Expect With Cyst Removal?

While there are different ways to remove cysts, in order to provide the lowest chance of the cyst coming back, surgical excision of the entire cyst sac is recommended (called Cyst Removal). The best time to remove a cyst completely with surgery is when it is not too small or too big, and when it is not draining or infected. While draining the cyst will decompress the cyst, it will not remove the sac lining and the likelihood of the cyst returning is very high. Surgical excision involves freezing the area with local anesthetic, making an incision in the skin, releasing the sac from the surrounding tissue, and then closing the skin to leave a small flat scar. Depending on the area of the body, there may be stitches that need to be removed after 5-7 days. Scalp cysts will typically have sutures that will fall out after 2-3 weeks. After your Cyst Removal, we recommend applying antibiotic ointment two a day and refraining from heavy exercise for one week. The scar will continue to evolve and mature over time, and scar management will be discussed at your follow up appointment. To take the next step, request a consultation with Dr Adelyn Ho by calling our office at 604.273.1034 or contact us through the website to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.